Garden State Angels

Our Process

GSA meets monthly as a group to hear presentations from companies seeking early-stage or seed investment. Our objective is to help talented entrepreneurs build lasting businesses of significant value, and to participate as active investors in those businesses. Contact with GSA should initially be made through our Executive Director, who will review business plans and provide a first round of due diligence. The Executive Director recommends appropriate plans to the group, which then decides whether there is sufficient interest for the applicant to be invited to make a presentation at one of our meetings.

Following a presentation, the GSA will provide feedback about the business plan. If a presentation generates enough interest, a member or members of the group will lead a due diligence effort. They may also offer suggestions on filling out the management team, help to develop financing strategies, and make key contacts for strategic partnerships.

GSA is not formally organized to make investments as a group. Investment decisions are made by individual members. Occasionally, a sub-set of the group will form an entity through which an investment is made, depending on the structure of the transaction.

Contact Us to submit a request to make a presentation at one of our monthly meetings.

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